Katalox // Swartzia cubensis

Katalox lumber wood, Swartzia cubensis lumber for woodworking
"Expect a hard, yet extraordinarily beautiful wood. It's tight grained and dense which makes it wonder to polish in highly decorative projects. Freshly cut the wood is a deep vivid purple, but with a finish it will change to coffee-brown color"
color of Katalox
Color Range
The heartwood is a dark purple brown that oxidizes to nearly black. The sapwood is a pale white to yellow color.
other names for Katalox
Other Names
Mexican ebony, Katalox, Royal Ebony
uses for Katalox
Some Typical Uses
Musical instruments, drumsticks, inlay, accents, handles, turnings, boxes, furniture parts
the Katalox tree
What's the Tree Like?
Usually a shorter tree that matures to 100 feet tall, twisted or crooked, and up to 36" in diameter
Katalox grows in Latin America
map of where Katalox grows


lbs /Bd. Ft.
67.60% heavier than red oak (3.58 /bd. ft.)


Janka Rating
182.95% harder than red oak (1290 psi)


Specific Gravity
75.00% more dense than red oak (.64)

General Workability
Somewhat Difficult 7/10
Red Oak

Wood Texture
V. Fine 2/10
Red Oak

Ease of Finishing
Easy 2/10
Red Oak