A majestic golden red classic
Handsome 1x6 boards
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Check Out This Mahogany
Red Grandis Eucalyptus Lumber

Red Grandis Eucalyptus - A South American Chameleon

Sustainably sourced from plantations, Red Grandis is similar to mahogany in that iconic pinkish color that darkens red over time.

But we love Red Grandis for its' receptiveness to stains and dyes. It's a chameleon just waiting to be finished to the exact color you desire

Tawny Walnut Cutting Board Kit

A Gift to Make or Give

This tawny Walnut cutting board kit makes for a great gift to give to a new woodworker, or to build and give as a gift.

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The Ultimate Plywood

Baltic Birch Plywood is the Cadillac of plywoods, perfect for glueing with a thick veneer to work with.

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exotic wood turning blanks

Beautiful Wood Choices

Check out this selection of awesome woods cut to size in 12", 18" and 30" lengths.

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SawStop Table Saws

The world's safest table saw is now available in all Woodworkers Source stores

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order festool woodworking tools online

Festool Power Tools

Get the best precision and peace of mind with Festool routers, sanders, and saws

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jet and powermatic woodworking tools buy online

JET & Powermatic

Built and designed for the serious home shop & woodworking enthusiast

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Laguna Tools

Have one of the finest power tools shipped right to your door

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What's 4/4, 8/4, 12/4, etc.?

Understanding hardwood lumber starts right here with these wacky fractions.

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3 Simple Steps To Figure Out How Much Lumber You Need

Board feet isn't your everyday kind of math, but these three simple steps make it easy to figure out your project.

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Lumber Grades Explained

If you're expecting perfect clear lumber 100% of the time, you're in for a surprise. Here's a summary of the hardwood lumber grades and what to expect from them.

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Project Planner Worksheet

Here's a handy (and free) Excel worksheet that helps you estimate the lumber needs for your project.

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Understand Wood Toxicity & What You Should Do About It

Are woods poisonous? Hazardous to use in cutting boards or baby cribs? Find out here.

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Wood Moves - Here's What You Need to Know

Wood swells and shrinks constantly. Here's what you need to know to protect your project.

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