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You'll get better deals, access to wonderful woodworking clinics and exclusive monthly specials.

One-time lifetime membership fee is $20. (keep it active with just one purchase per year, no minimum)

Rosewood Club at Woodworkers Source

rosewood club discounts for woodworkers

10% Discount on Wood, Supplies

Shave dollars off your purchases with your 10% discount off of woodworking supplies including:

  • lumber
  • plywood
  • supplies like hand tools, router bits, saw blades, etc
  • consumables like finishes and abrasives
  • and all other supplies like clamps, books, hardware, etc.

Like all things in life, there are a few exclusions:

  1. power tools
  2. items already on sale or
  3. when there's a better discount offered in the store - which means your 10% discount may not be combined with other discounts like quantity discounts or items on sale.
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$50 Rebate Credit

$1 = 1 point
1000 points = $50 rebate

Your rebate is issued the day after you hit 1000 points, and then it's valid for 90 days.

Be sure we've got a good address and email for you! We send you a postcard in the mail, and follow up with an email if your rebate is getting closer to expiring.

Sorry, Festool and Sawstop products are excluded

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Exclusive Sales & Deals

Several times per year Rosewood Club members get steeper limited-time discounts on lumber that aren't offered to the general public

woodworking demonstrations

Woodworking Clinics & Classes

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Informative Weekly Email

Not only do we carry a ton of woods, and all the woodworking tools you want, but we also have a brilliant crew with expertise and enthusiasm for woodworking. We'll send out weekly emails with information as well as special deals just for you.

You can always update your email address online or in any store. Your privacy is important to us: we don't sell, share, or rent email address with anybody for any reason.

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Woodworking Shows & Contests

It's a great way to get recognized for your hard work and dedication to the satisfying craft woodworking. We also round up exceptional prizes. See the latest contest information here >>>

tape measure

A Nice Tape Measure

When you sign up, we'll give you a 16' tape measure. A nice one: rubber grip, bright white blade, heavy duty 1" blade with 4 rivet construction, a lever clip, and completed with a Woodworkers Source logo and phone number.

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A Place to Share Project Pictures

How would you like to show off the beautiful woodworking projects you've made? You can do it right here in our Project Gallery.

Or Set Up a Commercial Account for The Woodworking Business

It's free to sign up as a woodworking business. You just need to submit a W-9. Here's what you get:

10% Off Supplies

Same exclusions as Rosewood Club.

25% off lumber

Commercial accounts get this better discount on lumber. (Rosewood Club gets 10%)

15% off plywood and veneer

Commercial accounts also get this better discount plywood and veneer. (Rosewood Club gets 10%)

$50 Rebate Credit

Same great kick back!