Frequently Asked Questions for Shipping Lumber
+ tips for how to get your lowest shipping rate

To find out, we need to know what you want to have shipped and to where.

We pass along the actual cost the carriers charge us. But we do get very good rates thanks to the volume of shipping we do.

2 Ways to Get a Rate

  1. Add items to your cart then click "Estimate Shipping"
  2. Call or email the Help Desk to ask for a quote

To get you an accurate quote, we need to know 3 things from you:

  • Quantity of lumber/product
  • Shipping destination
  • Special requirements for lumber sizes, and/or special requirements for delivery

Some of our products include shipping or have a simple flat rate, which is clearly stated on the product's page.

On other products, shipping charges are determined by FedEx, USPS, or a truck freight carrier, depending on the size of the order in question.

Tips for getting your best shipping rate

  1. Pay attention to the order weight. The highest (worst) shipping rates occur 1 to 5 lbs, and 71 to 79 lbs
  2. The best rates occur between 60 and 69 lbs (for FedEx shipments)
  3. Go bulk! Shipments of 150 lbs or more get the absolute best rate-per-foot. You get more wood for your dollar than you do with smaller shipments.

Shipping a quantity of 1 of any kind of wood, veneer, or plywood is very inefficient. Try adding a couple more pieces to your cart and then run the shipping estimator. You'll see that your shipping charge barely changes, yet you're getting more wood.


UPS or FedEx Ground


USPS Domestic


USPS International

14 Feet

LTL Truck Freight

Most shipments go through FedEx. The longest lumber we can reasonably ship by ground services is 84". However, they do accept larger packages and they charge a very significant premium.

Therefore, you can get 7' long lumber by FedEx standard ground without excessive shipping fees.

Shipping longer lengths is possible by LTL truck freight - see the next question.

Yes. Long length lumber must be shipped by a truck freight carrier.

Two Things to Know About Truck Freight Shipping

First: the shipping rates aren't very economical unless you're shipping 150 lbs or more. That's about 60 board feet or so (depending on the wood).

Second: truck freight delivery comes with a different level of service than you might be used to with is a UPS, FedEx, or USPS package delivery. Truck freight means someone at the delivery location must be available to unload the truck.

We do what it takes to make this easier on you, though. We'll wrap your lumber in smaller bundles you can manage by hand, then strap & wrap those to a pallet. That way you can clip the straps then unload one bundle at a time.

lumber shipped on a pallet Hardwood lumber shipped on a pallet to your home can be wrapped like this: wood wrapped in bundles approximately 60 to 70 lbs each, all strapped to a pallet and wrapped for protection. The individual bundles make it easier to unload by hand if you don't have a forklift to off-load the truck.


There are limitations on size. Usually the package may not exceed 36" in length. Please contact us to get a shipping quote.

Because you're hiring someone to hand deliver heavy, awkward packages right to your door.

Here Are Some Tips:

The worst shipping rates occur between 1 to 5 lbs, and 71 to 79 lbs. We post the weight of your order right in the "View Basket" screen to help you make an informed decisions on how, if at all, you might want to adjust your order.

Shipping small amounts, like just a couple of small pieces, is not usually economical. Shipping larger amounts of at least 150 lbs yields the best shipping rate.

Size is another factor. Small package carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS charge extra fees on top of their weight rates for packages longer than 48" (and even more for packages longer than 96"). Sadly, a lot of furniture projects require length. If you can handle lengths shorter than 45", often we can get you a better shipping rate if you let us know.

We charge you exactly what the carrier charges us. Shipping rates come directly from UPS, USPS, or a truck freight carrier (depending on the size of the shipment).

shipping weight in basket

Possibly. Take a look at the weight of your order in the "View Basket" screen.

If your order is under 70 lbs, try this:

  • Check the shipping charge using the "Estimate Shipping" button
  • Change your quantities to get as close to 70 lbs without going over 70 lbs
  • Now check the shipping charge. How do the two rates compare? The amount may have increased by a small amount, but you're getting more wood for your dollar.

If your order is over 70 lbs, try this:

  • Shipping rates between 71 and 80 lbs are pretty steep.
  • Increase your quantities to be closer to 150 lbs, or decrease quantities to be between 60 and 69 lbs.

If your order is over 150 lbs

Call or e-mail us! We can often get a better rate for heavier orders like this by checking different shipping carriers, and we're happy to do it.

It depends where you live. We ship from our beautiful warehouse in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

Check this map for a basic idea.

shipping times

Basics of Shipping Lumber

Shipping charges are determined by the package sizes, weight, and destination of an order.

We don't mark up the costs from U.S.P.S., FedEx or truck freight carriers.

To find out what it will cost to ship something to you, add items to your cart and click "Estimate Shipping"

Several of our products include the shipping costs within the 48 U.S., or have a simple flat rate. Shop Free Shipping Packs

When Can I Expect Delivery of My Order?

shipping and delivery times

Here's the deal.
Picking out lumber requires more care & attention than other kinds of products - so it takes time.

We aim to get your order out the door within 72 hours

Your wood is selected by hand, one board at a time by a professional

We want you to be 100% happy with the wood you receive

Tips For Getting Your Lowest Shipping Rate

1. Check Your Order's Weight
There are some sweet spots that provide better rates

You'll find the weight of your order on the basket detail screen. We show you that to help you plan.

70 lbs is the "magic" number:

  1. We split lumber orders into more than one package when they're over 70 lbs.
  2. A package that's as close to 70 lbs without going over gets the best rate-per-pound.
  3. An order that goes over 70 lbs gets a better rate-per-pound as it gets closer to 150+ lbs than it does 71 lbs.
  4. The highest (worst) shipping rates occur 1 to 5 lbs, and 71 to 79 lbs

2. More Wood = Better Shipping Rate
Most of the time...

Since wood is dense, heavy, and awkward, shipping a quantity of 1 or 2 (board feet, pieces, etc.) usually carries the highest shipping rate-per-pound. It's more economical to buy a medium quantity than it is to buy a small quantity of 1 or 2.

To see for yourself, add a quantity of 1 to your cart and check the shipping estimate. Then, change your quantity to 4 or 5 and run the estimate again. You'll see the shipping charges only slightly change with a higher quantity of wood.

The 70 lbs "magic" number mentioned before plays a role, too. If you go over 70 lbs, you'll get a better rate at (for example) 130 lbs than you will at 72 lbs.

Canada shipments: most lumber and wood packages are shipped by FedEx.  Canadian customs and broker fees may apply at time of delivery.  These costs are not included here, and are not under the control of Woodworkers Source nor FedEx.  Costs are charged by Canadian Customs and/or the broker.