Marine Grade Plywood

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Awesome Plywood for The Best Protection

Incredible Inner Plies
More solid-wood plies than regular plywood for the ultimate performance, and they won't delaminate in wet environments. Bonus! Marine ply feels like solid wood when you build with it.
Perfect for Wet Environments
Boats or outdoor furniture, rest assured you've got the right stuff. Each ply is laminated with Type 1 Phenolic exterior glue, and made with solid meranti wood that resists rot, fungus, steam, heat and cold.
Meets British Standard 1088
Bottom line: this is a strict specification that ensure the plywood has clear, clean faces, a nearly voidless core, and the best inner plies laminated with weather- and boil-proof glue

3/4" (18mm) Exterior Marine Grade Plywood on Veneer Core - 24"x46"
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3/4" (18mm) Exterior Marine Grade Plywood Pack (Choose Your Size)
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