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Woodworking isn’t exactly easy for most of us. It’s both an art *and* a science. Because of that, the only way to “get good” at it is to create, create, and create again. 

And therefore you possibly throw in a few foul words along the journey . . . c’mon, I know I’m not alone in this one. 

With that, we’re beyond tickled when so many of you elect to submit a project to our contest. It’s a little nerve-wracking to share a wood project because it takes a lot of time build, you’re keenly aware of where you feel like you made a mistake or two, and, well, you want other people to like what you’ve made.  

First, I just want to say thank you to those of you who summoned the courage (and time) to build a project and enter it in our show. I know full well that it’s intimidating to put your work out there for others to view and compare to others. But because you did, that’s exactly what makes this event so fun and unique.

Second, in my book, you people are the best. We sincerely enjoy the privilege of getting to share your projects with the world at large. 

Below you’ll find the top 3 voted projects and the other 10 honorable mentions. See the gallery of all the projects here

– Mark

How Did The Voting Work?

Voting, Not Judging

Voting is open to anyone who comes to browse the projects in person

Pick 5

The vote ballot simply asks for your personal favorite 5 projects. You decide what you like for your own reasons

Rank By Count

We add up the number of votes for each project, and sort them for the top 10 voted projects

1st Place
“Treasure Stump” by Dawn Martin

Surely Dawn’s project pulled in the most votes because it tells a nature story in a charming and timeless way. Her project tickles, sort of like a children’s book. Or evokes a funny little connection you might share with wildlife – you know what that bear wants, right? A tasty treat . . .

Local AZ oak log

2nd Place:
“Heirloom Jewelry Box” by Bill Raymond

What an entrancing display of woodwork! It’s got a beautiful burl lid, decorative dovetail corners, nice moldings, contrasting inlays, and a delightful interior. And it’s not a haphazard effort at a lot of various details – get up close you’ll see Bill executed them with a lot of care and attention.  

Morado, Walnut, Ebony & Maple

3rd Place
“Mesquite Bandsaw Box” by Rick West

Ah yes, a beautiful project sawn, shaped, and sculpted from a chunk of mesquite rooted in our fair local desert soil will always grab the attention of Arizona art lovers. Rick produced a project that feels nice to the touch, it’s so finely polished. He seemingly approaches the work with not just an artist’s eye, but also a craftsman’s hand. And for that, his project stands out. 


Honorable Mentions

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