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***We’re turning the voting to you, our website visitors, to choose a “People’s Choice” winner in our table making contest. Check out the entries below.***

The elected winner among the tables shown below wins this selection of tools; Bora Wide Track Clamp Edge Set, Festool Toolbox, Trend diamond sharpening stone

The top elected winner among the tables shown below wins this selection of tools; Bora Wide Track Clamp Edge Set, Festool Toolbox, Trend diamond sharpening stone

In our latest woodworking contest, there were 74 entries. The constraints on the showdown were simple: build an occasional table no larger than 32″ in length width or height of any design or style. May the best one win.

That turned out to be a daunting task for our panel of 7 judges. The tables we received were all so different. There were modern style tables, Queen Anne tables, triangular tables, circular tables, hall tables, coffee tables, period replicas, unique designs, and everything in between. The judges selected their 10 favorites, then scored the semi-finalists by inspecting joints and workmanship and tallying up the results to determine the top 3 winners. They also chose 9 other tables for Honorable Mentions for outstanding details of one form or another. Like best finish, best fluting, etc.(You can see those here >>>)

So now we turn to you to elect the “People’s Choice” winner. Tell us which table you think deserves it. Browse the pictures of the tables below (there are 71, so be patient). I’ve removed the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. You can choose up to 5 tables as your favorites, and then the table with the most votes wins, and the owner will be awarded a Bora Wide Track Clamp Edge Set, Festool Toolbox, Trend diamond sharpening stone.

PLUS! Prizes for the 2 through 10 voted positions: Be sure to vote for 5 tables you like! We also have other small prizes for the tables voted into the first 10 positions: A Festool Toolbox, Tajima pull saw, Bessey tool bags, Trend table saw blade, Taunton books and DVDs, and a few other items.

Choose up to 5 tables, check them off on the right, then click “Vote”

Voting ends on Friday March 14 at 11:59 pm

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Discussion, Questions & Answers

  • LKT

    I have to say # 63 gets my vote for beauty and creativity… pardon the pun but… will it stand up to use?

  • DR


  • J.D. fron S.C.

    I walk into a store, look around at all my options, and put my money down on #40 after I shake Eric’s hand, it would look nice in my house… Well Done!

  • Nick Nicolaus

    I have to cast my vote for # 60. The table has such smooth lines and the wood patterns on the top are exquisite. The finish is so luxurious.

  • Nancy Crandall

    My vote is for #40 I am unable to vote by checking the box

  • D.W.

    My vote is for #40, Eric.

  • J. D.

    Thought Eric Larson produced a unique and beautiful table. Good work!

  • Chris Ewald

    Nice job. Vary usable in a den for table games.

  • Jennifer Welty

    I am not able to check boxes to make my selections. If you can accept votes here, I select #40.

  • Suzanne Lunsford

    Tables 56 &57 are the best if you ask me :))

  • Don

    My vote is for Alan Call his table is one of the finest quality and workmanship

  • Tal

    My vote is for #60 by Bob van Osdel

  • Paul G

    Clearly # 7 is the most thought provoking,stylish and functional.

  • calm

    Love the originality of Dave Griffiths entry. Carole Ann Lyons

  • HMA

    I vote for #60 by Bob Van Olsen

    • Anonymous

      My Vote is for #60

  • Leah

    My vote is for #55 Kevin Billings

  • Charles Hart

    My vote is for Maureen Knudson’s elegant and sophisticated lines. Great color contrasts. Great work.

  • AC

    As a maker of one of the tables, my vote is for Woodworkers Source for sponsoring such a fun event.

  • P. A. Severson

    71 & 72 are examples of seeing a table in somthing no one would think of using. As a Journeyman Carpenter I made a very good living at what I now do for a hobby.
    I can visualize a project compleated and working as it is discribed to me, or drawn on a paper or blue print. 63 is a good example of inovative thinking ouside the norm.
    I would be willing to bet most of the tables were built by craftspeople who knew exactly what it would look like before a board was cut or a drawing made. The judges had a tough job.

  • TLM80209

    What fun! Let’s do this again! Brilliant works all!

  • Anonymous

    Very very pretty

  • Ron

    My vote is for #38 but I believe they all did outstanding work.

  • Susan McElroy

    In case my vote didn’t get to the right one…#20!!

  • Susan McElroy

    Amazing work!

  • Emery

    #73 has my vote, the wood pairs so well together.

  • Stephanie Dozier

    My vote is for #55, beautiful sleek table. Nice color contrast, and attention to detail. Good job!

  • G.U.S.

    #37 is elagent, very shapely, good looking, almost perfect in every way.

    The table is not too shabby also.

  • FRL

    I cast my vote for table no. 37…

  • Anonymous

    simple, elegant lines, but with great attention to detail.

  • Anonymous

    Nice, modern design. Good lines.

    • John Cameron

      My vote is for #56 by Gregory Holman, GREAT TABLE!