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Who Should Win? Have Your Say!

We’d like to recognize our customers for building great projects. For the last few months we’ve been asking you to submit a couple photos of your latest project that uses an inlay, inset, or another kind of “include.”

We asked, and you delivered. 

In return, we’ve got a load of prizes to give away!

We received in an overwhelming 233 project pictures, and our management team spent the last 24 hours in a rather lively heated debate about which 20 projects should move on to the next and final round of voting.

It wasn’t easy, and therefore we actually decided on 30 finalists – now you help us choose the top 3 winners.

What are the prizes? Scroll to the bottom to see – it’s a lot of free lumber and more.

How to Vote

Below are our top 30 projects, to vote here’s what you need to know:

    1. Find your favorite 5 projects below. 
    2. Click the star in the lower left corner of each project. 
    3. Click the picture to launch a full-screen gallery.
    4. The 3 projects with the most votes win the top 3 prizes.

Hurry! Voting Ends April 1, 11:59 PM

You have until midnight on April 1st, 2018, and then we’ll announce the winners Monday April 2nd.

Choose Wisely…

Beware – you can only vote once, and you can’t undo your votes.

Good luck!

Top 30 Entries in Random Order:


In case you forgot, we really like to give our awesome prizes! The top 3 will win free wood, but we’re known for giving out some honorable mention prizes if they deserve it. Here’s how the prizes breakdown:

1st Place

$375 Value Lumber Pack
Walnut, Cherry & Maple
40 bd. ft. mix assortment

+ Woodworkers Source Hat
walnut, cherry, maple with hat


2nd Place

$200 Value Lumber Pack
Walnut & Cherry
20 bd. ft. mix assortment

+ Woodworkers Source Hat
walnut, cherry with hat

3rd Place

$100 Value Lumber Pack
Walnut & Cherry
10 bd. ft. mix assortment

+ Woodworkers Source Hat
walnut, cherry with hat

And More Prizes for the Top 20!

Discussion, Questions & Answers

  • Fred Leonard

    You cheated. I tried to vote on April 1, 2018 at 8:19 pm and a pop up told me the photo contest was over. What gives?

  • Eric R

    Paul’s Louis the XIV Jewelry Box is an excellent example of high quality craftsmanship.

  • Gilles Perreault
  • Katie Krall

    Babinga jewelry box by basil Pulaski has my vote. Beautiful work

  • Shirley

    Outstanding work. It needs to be on the market in stores online and local. It was hard to make a selection. It’s ok if I don’t win as the creativity and professionally skilled work knocks you off your feet when you see the beautiful masterpieces of art.

  • Ryan

    I’m about 3 months in working with wood and insanely happy I made the top 30. No formal training other than what my dad bestowed upon me early in my life. I still have so much to learn but it’s going to be an incredible journey! I hope to achieve the level of craftsmanship some of my competitors have displayed here!

  • Phoenix

    You need to explain that you can’t change a vote once made in larger letters. I voted for more with the idea of narrowing down my picks but now none of mine will count.

  • Dwight Pennington

    The wife’s jewelry box by Sink gets first then second the Navajo Hanging by Smentek and third would be the wood table by McFarland

  • Walt Henderson


  • Keith Marshall

    I need to edit my statement as I had two glaring errors. Broken down in to at LEAST 3 Diff,,, and then There are 30 Absolutely Gorgeous

  • Keith Marshall

    It’s Very Difficult to vote Fairly for so Many Choices of Exquisite Craftsmanship. They need to be broken down into at 3 different categories since voting for a large piece with intricate work and Then smaller but just as Fabulous Boxes makes it very hard to choose properly. However, There are #0 Absolutely Gorgeous entries here and each of them worthy of Mention for Sure.

  • Everette Burk

    These are all definitely winners. Wow, what great ideas and craftsmanship by all.

  • Jim Pazaris

    Amazing artists!!

  • Douglas Flagg

    Mark, next contest you and your boys get it down to 10. That way I won’t have to kick myself 25 times for not voting for a project! Excellent job by everyone.

    • We can’t handle that pressure!

      • tredmon

        Sure you can it not that hard HA HA.

  • WriterDudeLA

    Nice work, everyone. Very nice work, indeed.

  • Mark Dixon

    Beautiful work, everyone!

  • Joseph Macias

    I want to start by telling all finalist Congratulations. Each and every piece here looks amazing. I had no idea what I was competing against. The are amazing well done each of you. I had fun making and competing here but these pieces set the bar high and hope there is another of these contests in the near future. Again Congrats to the all of the finalist it was a pleasure.

    • What a nice thing to say, thanks for speaking up. I know a “competition” pretty much changes the nature of why any of us do woodworking to begin with, so it’s not easy to put your work out there for others to judge.
      So glad you had fun and took the time to enter! Thank you –