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Every month we host a free woodworking demonstration at our stores, and each one is taught by our esteemed demo man, Joe. Due to the nature of his “traveling woodworking show,” he built this fold down table that does a few cool things:

  • Easy to store and set up
  • Sturdy enough for many woodworking operations like routing and assembly
  • Table top changes out for special applications: router table, down-draft sanding table, general purpose work table.

The quick video above shows how it works. Is it a robust workbench? Obviously not. However, it is a handy table that can serve a number of purposes for you in your own shop.

Joe pieced together sketches and a parts/materials list you can download and use for making your own table.

Click here for a link to plans in PDF form.

Three tops you can make:

  • Router table
  • Basic work table
  • Downdraft sanding table

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Discussion, Questions & Answers

  • Marco Brembati

    Great, It would be nice to have a metric version!

  • Shannon Walker

    Why is the top 37″ when the back panel is 34″?

    • Two reasons. First is the top overhangs. Second, is the hinge that drops the table top.

  • Scott

    Why is one of the end panels 3/4″ (18 1/4″ vs 19″) narrower than the other? I would have thought that they would be the same size.

    • The 3/4″ difference accommodates the folding action. When folded in, one leg folds over the other and therefore the hinge on the end panel that rests “on top” of the other protrudes by 3/4″ so they can fold nicely. Make sense? Now, when you set up the table the dimension from the back of the table framework to the front will be identical.

      • Scott

        Now I see it. Thank you so much.

  • Greg

    This is not only a great plan Mr. Tripodi explans data in its simplest form so all can comprehend his process. He is also always open to questions.