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Excellent resource from WOOD Magazine: nearly 1,500 project plans and more on one DVD

As a general rule, maintaining a magazine collection isn’t easy. First, there’s the space problem. Second, there’s the organization problem. Third, there’s always someone in the house who wants to throw an issue or two or more in the trash. And tossing just one does the damage to taint an otherwise perfect collection.

Perhaps the worst problem is finding what you want when you have more than just a fistful of issues to go through. What issue was that dresser? Or desk clock? Or garden bench? Or where’s that bandsaw comparison guide? We just got our copy of the WOOD Magazine back-issue DVD and it appears to solve every one of those problems. Since its price of $150 is no small ding in the woodworking budget, I figure you could appreciate a glimpse into what you get, and possibly a recommendation.

WOOD has put all 27 years of their publication onto one hefty DVD disc (it used to be 5 separate discs) while maintaining a high resolution of each page, down to every last shop tip and advertisement.  To sum it up:

  • 209 issues
  • 1500 projects
  • 1600 tips
  • 570 tool reviews
  • 810 techniques

That’s what you get access to, and with a pretty decent searchable index. With a matter of keystrokes, you have every, oh, armoire built by WOOD since 1984 and can compare the plans to each one. Or jewelry box or cabinet or desk clock, and so on. Plus you can print individual cut lists, plans, and articles.  This is the part that’s hard to get over: 1500 projects by the industry’s most reliable creator of project plans (or it’s certainly a tie with Woodsmith).  If that were the only important thing to me, a little 6th grade math reveals those plans are $0.10 apiece. Worse plans sell for much more.

We’re just a little ol’ woodworking store with only one reason to be singing the praises of the WOOD DVD, and that’s to help you do better and better woodworking.  You don’t even buy it from us, you get it directly from WOOD Magazine.

For $150, I just don’t see how you’d be sorry. It’s a massive resource, and a good one at that.

Get it from WOOD Magazine: www.woodstore.net/cowomacoondv.html

The WOOD Magazine back-issue DVD has all 1,475 projects and plans, plus every shop tip and technique they've published since 1984

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