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Handcrafted Toys to Help Foster Children of Arizona

If you know anything about the foster care system, you’ll know that it provides comfort and stability to children who come from abusive or neglectful homes.   

I want to use this woodworking event to help out in a small way.

I’m asking you to dedicate a little shop time to create a toy, game or puzzle, and donate it. We’ve teamed up with an organization that places foster children in Arizona called Southwest Human Development (website). The non-profit is the largest of its kind in Arizona, and provides a vast number of early childhood development programs in literacy, disability, education, and child welfare.

One of the things they do is place children in foster homes, and to help make the transition each child gets a toy. In this case, the kids will get a handcrafted wood toy that you make. 

So, it’s not really a toy. It’s a symbol of support you can provide to an abused or neglected child.

Enter the contest! I think you’ll enjoy it.
Read on for the details. 

Want some inspiration? By all means, please check out the gallery of ideas at bottom. I’ve assembled them on Pinterest the bottom.

Why enter?

  1. Use your woodworking to benefit Arizona’s foster families
  2. You get $25 of store credit
  3. Free to participate
  4. Share and learn about woodworking
  5. A chance to win prizes 

1st Place

$500 Credit to Woodworkers Source

2nd Place

$300 Credit to Woodworkers Source

3rd Place

$100 Credit to Woodworkers Source


How to Submit Your Project

  1. Register for the contest at the top of the page. It’s free. 
  2. Check your email for an entry form. 
  3. Deliver your project on or before November 4, 2017 to any Woodworkers Source location; bring the entry form.

Public Display of Entries & Public Voting

We’re going to exhibit all the projects for the public to view! Come see for yourself, and send your friends and family.

When: November 6 – 11, 2017

Where: Woodworkers Source
18115 N. Black Canyon Hwy
Phoenix, AZ 85023

Reception & Awards Night

November 11, 2017, 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

We’ll host an awards ceremony with hors d’oeuvres and a casual atmosphere and live music.

Frequently Asked Questions & Details

Do I Have to Donate My Project?

No, you can keep it. 

Maximum dimension is 30″

We only have so much space, so we’re asking for small projects. 

How Is The Show Judged?

It’s not judged. 

Instead, we have a public vote system. This contest is more or less for fun, so we simply gather votes from anyone who comes to view the projects. That also means we encourage you to invite your friends and family to come down to browse the projects and log a vote.

How Do I Win?

Historically, the projects that win prizes are very creative or include dazzling details.  Take a look at our past contests to get a feel for what wins:

Your project can look like anything you want, it’s your project. But if you’re interested in winning, it will need to stand out from the crowd.

Why Do I Get $25 Store Credit Just for Participating?

Because we want to encourage you to build a project, and contribute to a good cause and fun event. 

Woodworkers Source is a different kind of woodworking shop, and this event is one of the things we do to say thanks to our customers. 

We view this as a two-way street:

  1. You get to share your work and get $25 to spend in our store, and
  2. We get to promote the craft of woodworking to the world at large

We love to see the projects you make. This contest is also a cool way to celebrate art, and gives us a fun and different way to say thank you to our esteemed customers.

Additionally, Woodworkers Source will match each donated project with a $25 donation to Southwest Human Development to help fund foster care, literacy and early childhood programs. 

Do I Have To Buy Anything From Woodworkers Source?



Can I Make More Than One?

Yes, make as many as you like. 

But pick one for the entry into the contest portion of the show.   

What If I’m Not in Arizona? Can I Ship My Entry?

Sure. Send it here:
Woodworkers Source
3200 N. Hayden Road, Suite 280
Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Need Inspiration? Check Out These Project Ideas


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