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Here’s another important set of projects that emerged in our Platters Trays & Trivets Woodworking Contest

I like to call these the “Honorable Mentions,” which are a selection of 20 projects that stuck out to me for one reason or another but did not make the top 10 as voted by the public. How’d I pick these? They showcase something I just found exceptional. Maybe it’s a detail, the finish, the story of how or why it was made. As I said at the reception, since I’m in charge of putting this contest together, I can’t help but do something a little extra special for my personal favs. I really had a list of 45, so after a bit of aggressive negotiations with a few friends, this is how the chips fell. 

Perhaps one day I can sit down with these makers, buy ’em a brew or treat to a meal. (Top 10 voted projects are in this gallery)

So, in no particular order, here goes. Each row contains one project, 3 photos of each:

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