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Ask your questions, we'll have a good time

Believe it or not, our most prized customer is not some manufacturer who needs millions and millions of board feet every month.

We get a special kind of thrill when a customer, big or small, calls or emails or sends a message via Facebook or Twitter to ask things like,  “What kind of wood should I use for my project?” or “What’s the best finish for XX wood?”  or “Will this wood destroy my table saw blade?”

Do you know why?  It’s because it gives us a chance to succeed by helping you succeed.  Corny as it may sound.

See? It’s kind of a mutual benefit. We help you, you help us, and we both win. When you’re wondering about a wood, a finish, whether we’ll do the job right for you, just ask.

So, here are three big reasons why we’d love to see your questions come through, and at the bottom are 5 ways to contact us.

1.You trusted us to pick out your wood and ship it to you. We want to do it right.

Every time someone orders lumber from us sight unseen, we know they’re going through some anxiety about it.  Buying wood is not like buying, oh say, pots and pans or a DVD player.  Nope. Wood is far more special than that. You want it to be both 1).  high quality (flat and free of defects) and 2). beautiful.

It’s a tall order. And yet it’s what we do, it’s our job, it’s why we’re here. And the reason we’ve been here doing it for so many years is that we like it when you ask questions. We like it when you tell us what you’re working on, what you need, what you’re hoping for. Because when we know those things, we’re empowered to make it happen for you.

2.The wood industry has strange terms, we know

“What’s a ‘board foot’ and why do you do it that way?”
“I don’t understand 4/4 at all.”

The terminology in the hardwood lumber industry is tough.  And at first it doesn’t make any sense at all. Once you’ve been in the industry a while, though, it starts to make plenty of sense. We can help you make sense of it all. That’s why we like it when customers ask us about the funky terms.  In the end it gives us a chance to help you warm up to the terminology, create some successful woodworking projects, and keep coming back to us.

3. We’d sure like to make this website better

A long time ago, we used to get a lot of questions about how much it costs to ship wood.  It’s difficult to answer because it depends on so many things.  The quantity of wood, for one.  3 feet? 50 feet? And then the destination plays a big part in the cost, too.  Then we came up with a brilliant idea.  (Okay, I came up with the brilliant idea) We started to sell a product we called “Packs” that had a fixed amount of lumber for a fixed price, no shipping added. That took out a lot of the mystery of buying wood for many people.

That’s still the deal today.  We like questions so we have a handle on what we need to make better. You ask your questions, you help us improve.

5 Easy Ways to Ask Your Questions:

Email: [email protected]
Discussion Forum: www.woodworkerssource.com/phpBB3/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Woodworkers.Source.Hardwoods
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lumberguys
Old Fashioned Phone: 800-423-2450

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