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To find out, we need to know what you want to have shipped and to where.

We pass along the actual cost the carriers charge us. But we do get very good rates thanks to the volume of shipping we do. 

 2 Ways to Get a Rate

  1. Add items to your cart then click “Estimate Shipping”
  2. Call or email the Help Desk to ask for a quote

To get you an accurate quote, we need to know 3 things from you: 

  •  Quantity of lumber/product 
  •  Shipping destination 
  •  Special requirements for lumber sizes, and/or special requirements for delivery 

 Some of our products include shipping or have a simple flat rate, which is clearly stated on the product’s page.

On other products, shipping charges are determined by UPS, USPS, or a truck freight carrier, depending on the size of the order in question. 

Tips for getting your best shipping rate

  1.  Pay attention to the order weight. The highest (worst) shipping rates occur 1 to 5 lbs, and 71 to 79 lbs 
  2.  The best rates occur between 60 and 69 lbs (for UPS shipments) 
  3.  Go bulk! Shipments of 150 lbs or more get the absolute best rate-per-foot. You get more wood for your dollar than you do with smaller shipments. 

 Shipping a quantity of 1 of any kind of wood, veneer, or plywood is very inefficient. Try adding a couple more pieces to your cart and then run the shipping estimator. You’ll see that your shipping charge barely changes, yet you’re getting more wood.

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