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We certainly can, within reason.

We can ship overseas no problem, but there are some stipulations and some things to know.

  • Shipping will be expensive
  • There are package size limitations depending on where it is going. (5-6″ wide, 36″ long, 4-5″ thick is usually about the max we can do)
  • Customs might hold your package and charge you to release it. (if this happens, there is nothing we can do at this point, so you can either pay the fees, or have it sent back, and we will refund you in full)
  • We pack our packages very well, and customs may or may not take all of our packing material out of the package and deliver it to you that way. (it happens sometimes, and there is nothing we can do about it unfortunately.
  • We always ship our international orders via USPS to avoid customs delivery fees that UPS would charge you.
  • Shipping charges will determine what exactly you are ordering and where it is going, so we will need to know all of that information to give you a price.

We’re here to help!



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