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Yes. Long length lumber must be shipped by a truck freight carrier.

Two Things to Know About Truck Freight Shipping

First: the shipping rates aren’t very economical unless you’re shipping 150 lbs or more. That’s about 60 board feet or so (depending on the wood).

Second: truck freight delivery comes with a different level of service than you might be used to with is a UPS, FedEx, or USPS package delivery. Truck freight means someone at the delivery location must be available to unload the truck.

We do what it takes to make this easier on you, though. We’ll wrap your lumber in smaller bundles you can manage by hand, then strap & wrap those to a pallet. That way you can clip the straps then unload one bundle at a time.

lumber shipped on a pallet

Hardwood lumber shipped on a pallet to your home can be wrapped like this: wood wrapped in bundles approximately 60 to 70 lbs each, all strapped to a pallet and wrapped for protection. The individual bundles make it easier to unload by hand if you don’t have a forklift to off-load the truck.

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