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shipping weight in basket

Possibly. Take a look at the weight of your order in the “View Basket” screen.

If your order is under 70 lbs, try this:

  • Check the shipping charge using the “Estimate Shipping” button
  • Change your quantities to get as close to 70 lbs without going over 70 lbs
  • Now check the shipping charge. How do the two rates compare? The amount may have increased by a small amount, but you’re getting more wood for your dollar.

If your order is over 70 lbs, try this:

  • Shipping rates between 71 and 80 lbs are pretty steep.
  • Increase your quantities to be closer to 150 lbs, or decrease quantities to be between 60 and 69 lbs.

If your order is over 150 lbs

Call or e-mail us! We can often get a better rate for heavier orders like this by checking different shipping carriers, and we’re happy to do it.

We’re here to help!



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