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Thad Trubakoff, Woodworkers Source employee

Thad Trubakoff, Woodworkers Source employee and custom woodworker extraordinaire

When I decided it was finally time to get a small-ish cabinet for organizing my archives of our print promotional materials, I drew a quick stick-figure thing of some cubbies and asked Thad – an employee at our Tempe store – to build it for me.

The inspiration source: my drawing.  Perhaps it was the whole "pizza-n-beer-on-me" thing that got his attention?

The inspiration source: my drawing. Perhaps it was the whole "pizza-n-beer-on-me" thing that got his attention?

A week later, he called and said it was finished and ready to be picked up.

Knowing what I told him, and knowing how pathetic my drawing was, and knowing my criteria (“Ummm, I need a thing that holds some stuff . . “),  I expected something made of Baltic Birch or maybe just MDF.

You know, something utilitarian; it just made sense to me.

Thad didn’t quite understand my expectations.  He built a fine piece of furniture instead.  And there’s a good reason for it – building fine furniture is just his style.

How he deduced this fine cabinet from my rudimentary sanskrit will remain a mystery.

Check out his fine projects.   Thad is actually just a part-time employee for Woodworkers Source.  He’s busy at Arizona State working on a degree in Design Management.  It looks like he’s got a long career of building cool stuff ahead of him.

Thad’s Project Gallery:

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Discussion, Questions & Answers

  • Lanny

    I love it all – especially the dowel chair. Beautiful. Now I am itching to get in the shop.

  • jd

    very interesting unique stuff.

  • Andy P

    I envy those perfectly mitered corners on the base of the cabinet. Oh that I could ever achieve that, I would stop supporting the manufacturers of wood putty. Very nice looking cabinet.

  • No doubt, the world can handle a few more creative guys building things out of wood. We’re fortunate to have Thad on the team.

  • DMT

    I have to agree with him being a “fine looking gentleman” and his work is amazing. Functional pieces of fine art. Keep thinking outside the box and being creative—you have gift. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  • T.N.T.

    Fine looking gentleman there. Somebody find that guy a hot date ; ) Thanks Mark…