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“Woodworking Contest: Inlays, Insets and Includes”

You’ll Get $25 Store Credit Just For Entering!
+ The Chance To Win Lumber & Prizes

Submit photos of your project to enter.


March 25, 2018

Prizes for Top 20

Free lumber & much more!

Entries Now Closed

Time to Share Your Showpiece Inlay Woodworking Project!

This spring, we want to celebrate the amazing inlays the woodworking community has created. Can you dazzle and surprise us with your creative work?

If so, you’ll win prizes.

Enter our contest! You’ll love it. First, it’s 100% free to enter. Second, you’ll get some recognition for your craft and you’ll help inspire others to build beautiful projects. Third, we’re going to give away a. lot. of. prizes.

For inspiration and ideas you’ve got to check out the gallery below!

Free Entry + Get $25 Store Credit

When you enter your project, we’ll give you a $25 store credit you can use on anything in our store! So, not only is this contest free, but we pay you. It’s crazy, but true. 


Well, do you like free lumber? That’s right, the top 3 pieces will win free wood! Plus, if you haven’t attended a contest in the past, we are known for giving out some honorable mention prizes if there are other deserving pieces. Here’s how the prizes will breakdown:

1st Place

$375 Value Lumber Pack
Walnut, Cherry & Maple
40 bd. ft. mix assortment

+ Woodworkers Source Hat
walnut, cherry, maple with hat


2nd Place

$200 Value Lumber Pack
Walnut & Cherry
20 bd. ft. mix assortment

+ Woodworkers Source Hat
walnut, cherry with hat

3rd Place

$100 Value Lumber Pack
Walnut & Cherry
10 bd. ft. mix assortment

+ Woodworkers Source Hat
walnut, cherry with hat

PLUS –  more prizes for the other projects in the 20 finalists.

Free wood not your thing? Don’t worry, just getting to show off your project and brag is reason enough to enter too!

Oh and did we mention, it’s free to enter?

Why are we doing this?

It’s a big question with a lot of answers. So here goes:

    1. To promote the craft of woodworking
    2. To introduce woodworking to the world at large
    3. To encourage you to share your knowledge of woodworking

That’s the gist. We love woodworking and we want to spread the joy.  

How to Enter

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Add up to 3 pictures of your piece.
  3. Submit your entry.

It’s just that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions & Details

How do I get great photos?
In order to have a valid entry, we’ll need at least 2 pictures.

  1. The whole project
  2. Close up showing the detail of your inlay

Here’s what we mean:

Example 1: Full table

Bubinga Zebrawood Walnut Table with Inlay

Table by Robert P.

Example 2: Detail of inlay

Bubinga Zebrawood Walnut Table with Inlay

Table by Robert P.

*Pro Tip: The better your photos, the better your chances. We recommend you do one of two things to get the best photos as possible.

  • DIY: Follow the tips in this excellent Fine Woodworking article “A Woodworkers Guide to Photography
  • Pay a photographer to shoot some pictures; it’s way more affordable than you might think.

Voting, How is a Winner Chosen?
It’ll go in two stages:

The first round will be orchestrated by a hand-picked esteemed panel of woodworking enthusiasts (our management team) to narrow the entries to the top 20 projects.

For the second round, we’ll open the voting to you! You’ll have the opportunity to come to our website and vote for your favorite project. After voting is complete, we’ll assemble the results and announce the winners.

When will I know if I won?

Here’s the timeline for the contest: 

March 25, 2018
Final due date
You may enter now, no need to wait
March 26, 2018
Top 20 finalists announced
March 26 – April 1, 2018
Public voting open
April 2, 2018
Winners announced

What other rules are there?
No contest would be fun without some rules. Here are ours:

  1. You had to make it. What’s the point in entering if you didn’t make your piece?
  2. Your project must include an inlay, inset or another form of contrasting inclusion.
  3. Your project must be primarily made of wood; you may include other materials, but as a subtle reminder, we’re called Woodworkers Source so – surprise! – we’re looking for woodworking projects or some wood-based contraption that’ll pass as a woodworking project. So don’t push it.
  4. You must have had a fun time making your entry. We want to celebrate woodworking, so share something you’re proud of!
  5. You grant us permission to use the pictures of your project in social media posts

Do I Have To Buy Anything From Woodworkers Source?

Does My Project Have to Be New?

If you enter an old project, do what it takes to refresh it so that it makes the best impression – this is, after all, a contest. Take a close look at it and determine if it needs to be refinished, waxed or polished.

Can I Enter More Than One Project?

One entry per person, please. Focus on building one project that’s as fantastic as you can make it.

What If I’m Not in Arizona? Can I Still Enter?
Of course! But, only those in the Contiguous United States are eligible to win a prize.

What Are The Contest Entry Terms?

Photography of Your Project
An important part of this contest is archiving and showcasing your submission. By participating in the contest, you agree that we may use any photos of your submission, and your name, for illustration of the contest, future contests, and our products, now or in the future, and without additional compensation to you. You also agree that we won’t have any liability to you or a third party for that use or for any distortion, alteration, illusion, or use in composite form that may arise.

Need Inspiration? Check Out These Project Ideas

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