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Free To Enter! Here’s How to Participate

1. Register

It’s free, but we ask you to register below so we get an approx head count

2. Projects Due

Saturday October 29, 2022
  • Pack your project in a box
  • bring this entry form
  • and deliver to any of our AZ locations

3. Show Day

Saturday November 5, 2022
8:00 am- 7:00 pm
Tempe location Kyrene & Elliot

Get $50 Store Credit

This is an event to recognize you and your enjoyment of woodworking. But it’s also an event to expose the public to the beauty of custom, handcrafted decorative home furnishings people make out of wood.

So we give you $50 store credit to help motivate you to participate. We keep the event free, and we pay you. It’s crazy, but it’s what we do.

Yes Prizes, Too

  • 1st Prize: $500 store credit
  • 2nd Prize: $300 store credit
  • 3rd Prize: $100 store credit

This is, after all, a contest so there’s an element of competition here. Visitors to the show will have a chance to vote for their favorite projects, and we’ll award some prizes to the best projects

Theme “In The Kitchen”

We’re shining the spotlight on the woodworking you concoct for your kitchen. The theme is intentionally broad to encourage a wide variety of projects. Cutting boards, serving dishes, utensils, vases, wall hangings, or anything else you put it in your kitchen!

This contest is our way of showing off the joy of woodworking and the makers in our fine state, so get creative. Here are just a couple of examples that fit the them.

Show + Awards

November 5, 2022, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Woodworkers Source Tempe
645 W. Elliot Rd.
Tempe, AZ 85284

On November 5, all the projects will be on display at our Tempe store. For one day only, we’ll take over the warehouse to show off the woodwork. Visitors will be allowed to browse (and marvel at) the projects, and, of course, vote for their favorites.

Live Demonstrations

Throughout the day we will host several woodworking demonstrators to do some live demos and classes on a variety of different skills and techniques.

Even if you don’t enter a project, you’ll want to head down and check it all out – you’ll enjoy checking out projects and watching some wood chips fly.

Awards Reception, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

  • Free food
  • Free drink
  • Live music
  • and prizes

This is when we recognize individuals for their projects, bring the voting to a close, and pass out some prizes.

To say “thanks” we’ll provide some food and drink, and have a little bit of entertainment, too.

The Rules

  1. It has to be yours
  2. Your project must be primarily made of wood; you may include other materials, but as a subtle reminder, we’re called Woodworkers Source so – surprise! – we’re looking for woodworking projects or some wood-based contraption that’ll pass as a woodworking project. So don’t push it.
  3. Max dimension 36″, please
  4. Deliver your project to any one of our Arizona locations on or before October 29
  5. You grant us permission to use the pictures of your project in social media posts

Do I Have To Buy Anything From Woodworkers Source?

Does My Project Have to Be New?
Tip: if you enter an old project, do what it takes to refresh it so that it makes the best impression.

Can I Enter More Than One Project?

Do You Keep My Project After The Contest?
No, please make sure to pick up your project the night of the show, or the week after at the store you entered.

I’m Not Very Skilled at Woodworking
Well, I can understand that feeling. Believe it or not, most people don’t consider themselves as highly skilled anyway so you’re in good company. It’s a friendly competition, not a stiff one. Build something and enter it because all of the fun is in participating, not “showing off.” Consider this an opportunity to learn a little more about the craft, or to try something new.

What If I’m Not in Arizona? Can I Still Enter?
Can you deliver and pick up your project, or make arrangements to have someone do it on your behalf? If so, then sure.

Marketing Manager – Woodworkers Source
We’re a family-owned lumber & woodworking supply retailer with 3 delightful stores in Arizona, and 35 friendly employees.
Corey oversees marketing in-store and online for Woodworkers Source. He’s a sucker for dark hardwoods like Walnut and Wenge, yet has a soft spot for Canarywood.

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