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I recently built my own standing height desk, and this video will show you a little more about it.

Like many furniture projects I started out looking for one to buy. As you probably know, buying furniture is an uninspiring event in which you discover:

  1. nice furniture costs money
  2. sometimes more money than wish to part with
  3. custom built is more fun – and ironically costs more money . . .

You know how that fairy tale ends, I bet.

This desk I built is kind of modern and light with a floating top, a floating front panel, thin tapered and curved legs.

This isn’t about how I made it, but how I finished it

Truth is, I don’t think much of my design skills. There are a few glaring details in the design of this desk that still lack a little je ne sais quoi here and there.

However, I do think I have a thing or two to share about wood finishing, and since I used a lot of different techniques on this project, I recorded my entire finishing process to share with you.

If there’s one complaint I get about our other wood finishing tutorials is that we’re always demonstrating on just a medium sized flat piece of wood. And that certainly doesn’t cover the ins and outs of every trick and technique you might have to use to finish an entire project.

So consider this a remedy.

The video above is part 1, and just deals with the urban-modern black base with a weathered gray glaze to highlight the ash grain.

Part 2 is about the solid walnut top with a tung oil varnish. Click Here to check it out >

Watch the video above to see how I finished this base, step by step.

You’ll Learn a Few Things About:

  1. Applying wood dye before project assembly
  2. Brushing sealer in tight corners, reveals, and other hard-to-get spots
  3. Leveling a finish with abrasive pads
  4. Glazing with oil stain to highlight grain
  5. Spraying aerosol lacquer

Products Used:

  • Behlen Jet Black Dye powder (plus Behlen Bekol Solvent)
  • Zinsser SealCoat
  • Old Masters oil based Wiping Stains, Spanish Oak & Pickling White (mixed 1:1 to create gray)
  • Deft Lacquer, aerosol semi-gloss
  • Synthetic finishing pads

Gallery of Pictures:

I hope you enjoy it. If you have questions, post ’em below!


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