SawStop Professional Cabinet Saws
Precision and optimal safety in 1.75 HP or 3 HP Cabinet Saws

For the home shop, the ultimate table saw is the 1.75 HP SawStop Professional saw that runs on 110 volt power. For more serious small shops, the 3 HP Professional SawStop requires 220 volt power. Otherwise, these two versions of the Professional saw are the same. They take standard 10" table saw blades and 8" dado blades. Choose from 30", 36" and 52" rip fence capacities. All SawStop table saws come with the blade-stopping safety system that detects contact with flesh and stops and drops the blade within milliseconds.

Shipped Right To Your Door!

Direct to your shop for a flat shipping rate of $250 in 48 U.S.

Free upgrade on any new SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw

Buy a new 3.0HP or 1.75HP Professional Cabinet Saw between March 1 and April 30, 2019 and receive a FREE UPGRADE - a $249 USD value. Collect your upgrade at

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