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Why Quilted Maple?
Here's what to know about woodworking with this wood

The remarkable figure creates a maze of unique patterns that'll make your project stand out. Build exquisite furniture or small decorative projects with quilted maple, it's especially suited for table tops, guitars, and turnings. You'll appreciate how substantially softer it is than Hard Maple, too. Quilted figure occurs in the Big Leaf Maple tree of the Pacific Northwest U.S. and Canada.
Quilted Maple grows in North America

map of where Quilted Maple grows
color of Quilted Maple
Color Range
Creamy white with a reddish brown tinge.
other names for Quilted Maple
Other Names
Bigleaf maple, Broadleaf maple, Maple, Oregon maple, Pacific Coast maple, Western Maple
uses for Quilted Maple
Some Typical Uses
Furniture, accessories, and musical instruments
the Quilted Maple tree
What's the Tree Like?
A popular, fast growing decorative tree. Matures to about 60-90 feet in height and 30" in diameter.


lbs /Bd. Ft.
-20.95% lighter than red oak (3.58 /bd. ft.)


Janka Rating
-34.11% softer than red oak (1290 psi)


Specific Gravity
-25.00% less dense than red oak (.64)

Woodworking with Quilted Maple:

General Workability
Somewhat Difficult 7/10
Red Oak

Wood Texture
V. Fine 2/10
Red Oak

Ease of Finishing
Good 4/10
Red Oak

Quilted Maple Hardwood Sample (1/2"x3"x6")

Quilted Maple Hardwood Sample (1/2"x3"x6")

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Quilted Maple Pen Blanks

Quilted Maple Pen Blanks

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