Padauk (African) // Pterocarpus soyauxii

Padauk (African) lumber wood, Pterocarpus soyauxii lumber for woodworking
"When freshly cut the wood is bright orange red, becomes reddish brown. Moderately hard and heavy. Medium texture, but with large pores. Saws and planes easily to a very smooth surface."
color of Padauk (African)
Color Range
Bright orange red when freshy cut or planed, often with dark stripes; oxidizes to dark chocolate brown or light brown.
other names for Padauk (African)
Other Names
African Padauk, Mbe, Mbil, Mututi, Ngula, Bosulu
uses for Padauk (African)
Some Typical Uses
Musical instruments, furniture, flooring, turning, accessories.
the Padauk (African) tree
What's the Tree Like?
A straight, well shaped tree. Reaches 100 feet with a buttressed trunk which may be 48" at breast height.
Padauk (African) grows in Africa
map of where Padauk (African) grows


lbs /Bd. Ft.
4.75% heavier than red oak (3.58 /bd. ft.)


Janka Rating
52.71% harder than red oak (1290 psi)


Specific Gravity
-4.69% less dense than red oak (.64)

General Workability
Good 4/10
Red Oak

Wood Texture
Fine 4/10
Red Oak

Ease of Finishing
Easy 2/10
Red Oak