African Rosewood lumber wood, Guibourtia spp. lumber for woodworking

African Rosewood // Guibourtia spp.

One of nature's most elegant-looking woods, with an unusual radiant purplish-pink color tones and fine dark veins that dance throughout the grain. Expect your finished project to develop a bold red wine hue with age. African rosewood is enchantingly pleasant to cut, shape and sand, too.
Gorgeous natural color
Elegant appearance
Machines beautifully
color of African Rosewood
Color Range
Light pink or purple-tinged tan with fine dark purple stripes
other names for African Rosewood
Other Names
Akume, Bingbinga, Bubinga, Essingang, Kevazingo, Ovang, Waka
uses for African Rosewood
Some Typical Uses
Furniture, turning, decorative items, veneer, high end furniture and millwork, musical instruments, flooring, cutting boards, guitars, musical instruments
the African Rosewood tree
What's the Tree Like?
A large tree reaching over 100 feet in height and trunk diameter of 36" and clear for up to 60 feet.
African Rosewood grows in Africa
map of where African Rosewood grows


lbs /Bd. Ft.
6.70% heavier than red oak (3.58 /bd. ft.)


Janka Rating
80.62% harder than red oak (1290 psi)


Specific Gravity
12.50% more dense than red oak (.64)

General Workability
Good 4/10
Red Oak

Wood Texture
V. Fine 2/10
Red Oak

Ease of Finishing
Easy 2/10
Red Oak