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Reviews for Bloodwood 4/4 Lumber

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November 17th, 2016
Verified Buyer
Hobbyist Woodworker
Okay Wood, Service... not so much.
First of all... and maybe it's my personal lack of experience; if so I apologize in advance if I am being unfair here... but when I ordered 4/4 stock, I expected it to measure a full inch - NOT 13/16", which this did. Had I known it was going to measure 13/16", I would have purchased 1/2" stock instead, as it was my intention to rip the lumber into 11 mm blanks. The missing 3/16" means that I will get half the mileage out of this purchase than intended. So I could be happier about that; but as I say, it could well be my fault for not knowing better. Apart from that, this is a fine looking piece of wood, albeit less attractive in color than most other bloodwood I've purchased from other sources. That will, of course, vary from piece to piece, and should be considered an acceptable risk when buying sight unseen. That being said... Would I have purchased this piece of wood had I seen it at my local lumberyard? Probably not. Especially when taking into account the cracks on one end rendering approx. 3" waste. On a board measuring 18" long, that might be considered an acceptable amount of waste, and it could just be that I've been VERY lucky with other wood purchases from other venders; but this is for me the worst I've ever experienced.
Familiarity: I've used it in several projects
July 18th, 2010
Nick G
Enthusiast Woodworker
Not the best quality
I ordered two pieces and unfortunately oe was warped a little and the second piece was warped terrible. It had a one inch deflection over 3 foot length. I'll be able to cut it up for use as very small pieces but this isn't what I wanted it for originally.
Familiarity: I haven't used it yet