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Reviews for 3/4" Walnut Pre-Cut Lumber Pack, 4 Boards (Choose Your Size)

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October 7th, 2019
Very good boards
I purchased 9 of these boards. Only 2 of them were bowed enough to worry about - one has just over a 1" rise across the total 6' length. I'll have to cut that one down, plane/join it flat, and use it as a shelf or something. The others are mostly flat, less than 1/4" of bow along the 6' length. All of them will need run through the joiner to achieve perfect straightness. I should end up with 1/2" straight and flat boards when finished, which works out great for me.\n\n3 boards have large knots, but only on one face of the board. I can probably hide the knots on this project, assuming they don't tear out in the planar, and the cathedrals on the opposite side are attractive. None of the boards have twist, which is great.\n\nAll the peices have nice grain and figure. They are all dimensioned to the same size. 3/4" x 5.5" x 6'.\n\nPackaging was good and shipping was reasonably fast. Only 1 board had a dent from shipping, and I think I can iron it out.\n\nAll in all, I'm happy with the product and couldn't really expect much better. Thanks guys!
December 8th, 2016
Verified Buyer
Philly Phish
New York
Awesome Black Walnut
Really Awesome Black walnut, the boards are nice and straight only 1 out of 8 Boards was slight bowed. Nice clean edges beautiful grain pattern from the walnut. This was my first purchase with Woodworks Source, and I gotta tell you I'm extremely satisfied with the quality of the product. I would definitely purchase again!