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Reviews for Red Oak 4/4 Lumber

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August 30th, 2013
Gregory Cutler
Santa Rosa CA US
Nice wood, great price.
I didn't have a great experience last time I tried woodworkers but this time I got more that what I asked for. One piece has a slight bow but it's 12" wide so not unexpected. I'm really happy I gave them a second chance, looking forward to using some beautiful Oak-Thanks!
November 28th, 2012
El Paso TX usa
Novembers order
This shippment was much better than the previous one. Boards were longer and none of them warped. The normal amount of loss should be encountered with this batch.
August 15th, 2011
Stephen Montgomery
Litchfield Park Arizona USA
Computer desks (2) with Filing cabinets (3)
The wood is good. Will make a very nice surface for the project. Of all the wood I've purchased this batch was milled on one edge but had but multiple ends with cracks. This is unusual from your company. Some can be used for face framing and some is now waste. Others were damages by UPS. One of the wraped packages had a 6" gouge out of it with exposed damaged oak. I've been able to work around most of the damage but ended up getting a 20' pack as the waste was more than I figured on. On one 6' X 7" board it is necessary to rip 1" X 16" long section, a 1" X 30" section on the same side oposite end and a giant knot on the other edge on the end of the board. Those edges look like they went through a shredder. Don't usually get oak. Like working with African Mahoganey and have purchsed many board feet of 8/4 and 4/4 from your company with virtually no problems.
Woodworkers Source Responds
We will get you replacements. Customer service will be in touch today.
December 17th, 2010
Los Osos CA USA
High Quality, Minimal Waste, Perfect Transaction
I bought 30 Ft of 4/4 S2S red oak online -- sight unseen. And I am completely satisfied. Communication has been excellent. Packaging was well done, and delivery was very fast. I have jointed and planed to 3/4" for use as door stiles and rails and drawer fronts. The stock has milled well with little tearout and almost no warpage. It's all FS, but grain patterm is by no means wild. Side waste will be less than 10%. I would do this all over again.