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Reviews for Poplar 4/4 Lumber

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December 17th, 2010
Los Osos CA USA
Semi-Professional Woodworker
Somewhat Disappointed
Along with this purchase of 80 Ft of poplar, I also bought 130 Ft of soft maple and red oak -- online, sight unseen. I was completely satisfied with the maple and oak - see my reviews. But my experience with this poplar is much different. First - the good. Communication has been excellent. Packaging was well done, and delivery was very fast. Square footage was right on. The grain pattern and color is pretty good and waste will be under 10%. Now the not-so-good. I bought this for use as painted faceframe, door stile and rail, and drawer front stock. Despite allowing two weeks for acclimation, of the 25 or so boards I got, only 6 will be acceptable for my use. All of the other boards are so badly warped that they cannot be used as door frames or drawer fronts. Maybe I should have expected this of 4/4 S2S poplar sourced from AZ. I can salvage enough of this stock for the faceframes, but will have to substitute locally available clear pine for the rest of my project.
Familiarity: I've used it once or twice