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Reviews for Black Limba 4/4 Lumber

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December 8th, 2010
Nicely planed, dense wood. Not much black.
I ordered black limba. I got black limba, but only about a 2 inch strip right along one of the edges. This section of wood could almost have been full white limba if the black section had been trimmed off. Not quite what I was expecting, I was expecting more black on it, especially because of the picture. I am using it for a guitar back, and after deciding I didn't want a skunk stripe down the middle, I now have a full white, black limba back. Don't care much about the lack of black/figure, i am more interested in tonal quality, but would have been more striking with black/figure on it. Came as one full board when delivered. I would still recommend woodworkers as a supply entity because they were very quick with shipping, and the packaging was great. I would also still recommend the black limba(korina) because it is easy to work with and very dense.