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Reviews for Purple Heart 4/4 Lumber Pack: 4 Boards, Choose Your Size

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November 25th, 2023
Austin, Texas
Enthusiast Woodworker
Trust the hardness number
This is interesting wood. The smell is a bit off putting. A little like fresh cut oak, but more pungent. I would recommend air drying outside. It has a tendency to warp so be sure to stack it evenly. Working it is a tad difficult. Planing, nope, not with a hand plane. Sawing, use a table saw, save your hand saw blades. Scrolling, boost your speed to get a nice no burn cut, otherwise it’s smoking. I cut my knuckle on a cut edge not because of splinters but because it was such a fine edge cut. Sanding and polishing. Here is where all the hard work pays off. This polishes to a glass smooth finish with little effort. It will clog your sandpaper at first but is good after the first couple of grits. All in all I like it. It is interesting and is a nice contrast to other woods. Oh, use a dust mask because its allergic properties are pretty bad. Woodworker’s Source, you guys are the best. Cheers!
Familiarity: I've used it once or twice