3 Steps to Estimating Board Feet for a Project Start with a project idea, plan or simple sketch Break the project into its parts, and determine the board footage of each part Add it up, then estimate a waste factor Me & Math Don’t Get Along – Give Me An Easier Way: Download our Project Planner worksheet …Read More

Little Red Book Barn by Dr. Clyde Perry

Did you know that one out of six children who do not read at age level by the end of third grade will not graduate from high school? In fact, in middle income neighborhoods, there’s a ratio of 13 books for every child. Regretfully, in low-income neighborhoods the ratio is alarmingly backwards: 300 children for every one …Read More

Man measuring wood in wood shop

Around the world, there are over 32,000 Little Free Libraries installed in 70 countries – this is the remarkable story about the very first one and how it ignited a worldwide thrill for sharing books and expressing creativity. A Little Free Library™ is just a neighborhood book box for free book sharing. It’s a more or …Read More


First thing’s first. A woodworking contest is never fair. You build things out of wood usually to make your home (or someone else’s home) beautiful and unique, not to get a prize. So it takes a lot of courage for people to take a project they’ve built, hand it over to us to display, and …Read More


For five months, nearly 100 woodworkers have been working on custom hand-made wood stools to submit to our woodworking contest. It came due on November 8, and in the end 38 pulled through. On Friday November 14, we held reception and awards ceremony at Practical Art in downtown Phoenix. The folks who came got to see …Read More


UPDATE: We Have a Winner Congratulations to John Beck, creator of Stool 101! He’s won this “round” of voting in the stool contest. Tonight we’ll have a separate vote during the reception which will decide the winners of the tool packages and other prizes. Come to Practical Art at 7:00 pm (late is okay, come …Read More


Sometimes, an idea for a project just jumps out at you when you see a piece of wood. That’s what happened when we brought in a small load of dimensioned ipe (ee-pay) lumber that was cut into uniform sizes of 3/4″ x 5.5″ x 72″.  I made a small bet with myself that I could …Read More

Entry 43 by John Anderson

***We’re turning the voting to you, our website visitors, to choose a “People’s Choice” winner in our table making contest. Check out the entries below.*** In our latest woodworking contest, there were 74 entries. The constraints on the showdown were simple: build an occasional table no larger than 32″ in length width or height of …Read More

The best way to get a grip on the furniture that woodworkers build is to get up close to the work. But because each piece ends up in a living room or home somewhere, you’ll only run into a fine piece every once in a while. We wanted to see what’s happening, see what customers …Read More

Every month we host a free woodworking demonstration at our stores, and each one is taught by our esteemed demo man, Joe. Due to the nature of his “traveling woodworking show,” he built this fold down table that does a few cool things: Easy to store and set up Sturdy enough for many woodworking operations …Read More

When so many woodworking projects are launched out of a simple needs – like the need for a cabinet in the laundry room  or out of desire to try that neat looking jewelry box you saw in a magazine, or as a response to your grown child’s Big News that you’ll soon be a grandparent …Read More

Building a Black Credenza

This project started with a call from my son, Greg. His girl friend had just moved into a new office and she wanted a book shelf to fit in a niche. Would I help him build it? The design theme would come from a large picture frame in Katie’s office and there were other requirements:   Match …Read More

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