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Live Edge Jewelry Cabinet

Since my wife amassed a substantial amount of necklaces, it was high time she had something to store them properly.

We came up with an idea for a cabinet that would hang on the wall with a French cleat, and have a lot of space to hang necklaces as well as a couple drawers for rings and stuff.

Took a nod from the whole "river table" thing that's going on in the world and found a beautiful piece of live edge koa -- resawed it and did a "slip match" to make the live edges form sort of a river for the door panel.

And while I found some low-key hardware for the drawer handles, for the door I just sculpted the edge a bit to give it a "hidden" door pull.

Turns out, this is too damn small for everything she's got.

Finish: a few coats of Old Masters Tung Oil Varnish

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