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Old Glory Frame

I made this frame to display my metal, old glory flag. The frame in made from Roasted Red Oak which consists of two layers of 4/4 lumber that was cut to 1 1/2" sqaure. The frame has a 1/2" rabbet to hold the back panel. The frame was then sanded to 180 grit and then paste wax was applied to the entire frame with #0000 steel wool and immediately buffed off to prevent any excessive shine. The back panel is made from natural Walnut lumber, 1/2" thick, the edges were rounded over slighlty at the router table and then the boards were glued-up to create one solid panel. The back panel was finished with Minwax semi-gloss laquer and then paste wax was applied to the enitre panel with #0000 steel wool and then immediately buffed to prevent too much shine. The frame outside dimensions are 47" wide x 27" tall. The metal flag was purchased from Metal Art of Wisconsin and it is called "Copper Old Glory" and it's dimensions are 44" wide x 22" tall. The flag was secured to the back panel with Neodymium 88lb. cup magnets to keep the attachment method invisible and to prevent having to drill and holes in the flag, with 5 magnets holding the flag, it will not move. The frame will be displayed on a wall with the use of Eagle-Clip Z-Clips. Everthing used in this project was Made in the USA. -- Originally posted by tab76

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