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Walnut Spindle Bed

This Arts and Crafts Spindle bed has been on my shop build list for many years.I finally found a good supply of Walnut from Woodworker's Source to fulfill my dream. The lumber came with good color match and lots of straight grain, a miracle for Walnut this long.I put my hollow chisel mortiser to task with <em>many</em> mortises!My bandsaw was in production mode with custom stops to crank out the 80spindle tenons in volume.I used an I-beam construction for the main bed rails, with a custom mortise and tenon joint to the postsand bed bolts for easy assembly. The posts are mitre-lock joints for nice surface grain on all 4 sides.The finish is hand rubbed Watco to preserve the sheen of the 600 grit sanded Walnut. -- Orginally posted by BigB

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