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Buried treasure

I did not build this chest, just restored it, and only a small part of the wood was replaced, so nothing fancy was done, but I am proud of how beautiful it turned out to be. This was a painted cabinet found at an antique/flea market. Even the marble top had been painted. After gently stripping off all the paint with alcohol and old tee shirts, a lovely marquetry chest was discovered. It had some damage that I just covered up with stain, but the front facing where the drawers slide in and the curvy bottom piece were destroyed. I removed the remaining veneer and scraped away the wood filler. Then I had to enlist my hubby. Neither of us have done this kind of work but he was able to use hand tools to cut, glue, clamp and sand your gorgeous mahoghany veneer to replace all the old veneer. I then stained it with a rosewood stain. The veneer and stain were an almost perfect match and now the piece gets to live as it was intended to live.

Finish: Waterbased rosewood stain and waterbased polyacrylic clear coat

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