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White Oak Armoire

Here's a project sent in by a woodworker who found one of our videos about quarter sawn white oak and put some of the tips to use. Here's what he has to say about the project:

Hey Mark!

Remember the quarter sawn oak finishing video you made? We’ll, I finished this piece(completed yesterday) by wet sanding w the Watco Dark Walnut. I think it’s a pretty good look! I top coated w shellac. I mixed my styles on this piece. Over all, it’s Greene & Greene design, but the top, the pulls, and the color are closer to craftsman design. Although the pics don’t very well reveal it, the sides slope @ 2° off square and the outside of the frame, front and back, also has a slightly curved edge. Everything is proportionally reduced from base to top. Just wanted you to see the wet sanding with Watco on a whole piece.

Thanks for the videos!

Finish: Danish Oil, wet sanded

Project posted:

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