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Bubinga Cantilever Table

An entry into the very first Woodworkers Source woodworking competition in February 2014, Steven Siler submitted this gorgeous sample of wood art that blends beautiful wood with design sense and shameless procrastination.

Pressure creates diamonds, you see.

All entrants had 3 months to design, plan, build and polish a project and the esteemed Mr. Siler chose to start on the day of the due date and slid it in right at 5:00 pm still wafting of lacquer fumes.

He chose a gorgeous slice of a giant one-piece bubinga slab and a couple chunks of 3/4" plywood to fashion a pair of legs and just trimmed the slab until all things gravity married the weight of the wood and the point of contact into a handsome balancing act of woodworking acrobatics.

I mean, yeah, we held court for a minute or two and decided he definitely earned the Arizona Woodworker's Procrastination Award.

It's a clever piece of furniture art! The table balances on 2 legs, and if you set your margarita too close to the business end, well, you'll no longer have a margarita.

BTW, keep your feet off the table.

Finish: Spray Lacquer and black paint

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