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Countertop Hexagon Wine Rack

Cooked up this idea for a 5 bottle wine rack, so this was more of a prototype and learning experience.

Making a solid wood hexagon has some challenges! Like all miter joints, if your mating angles aren’t dead-perfect, they will look terrible. So I spent time making test hexes out of poplar to get the angle dialed in and the actual ideal size figured out. And then rolled it out to the final material.

The bamboo bottle supports were just cut to fit after the box was assembled. And you might notice that the joints are reinforced with dovetail splines.

If I were going to make more of these, I would make the box deeper. Maybe about 8 or 9”. Also I would figure out a better part for stabilizing the bottles. Still, this worked out and you could put it on a counter or bar top, or add a French cleat to hang on the wall.

Finish: Dewaxed shellac and spray lacquer

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