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I needed a place to put pens on my desk and my co-worker, Lyle, had made one very similar to this one. I went ahead and tried to replicate his, but using Bubinga and Afromosia instead. I cut the strips to my desired thickness and glued up the main panel. I re-sawed the remaining 4/4 Afromosia I had to 1/4" pieces and glued in accent strips of Bubinga, so the box and base were opposites. I cut the long piece of Afromosia into four separate parts and just simply glued them together with an overlapping joint. Before gluing the box to the baes, I took it to the spindle sander and created a faux-live edge. I then sprayed water to raise the grain on both the box and the base and started sanding at 80 grit and progressed to 120, 150, 180, 240, 320, 400, 500, 600 and finally 800 grit. I sanded so high because I wanted the glossy sheen from the natural wood to pair with the matte finish of the Odie's Oil. The result was a mirror like finish in which you could see the reflection of the Odie's Oil jar. It now sits at my desk and performs its function perfectly for my needs.

Finish: Odie's Oil

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