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Vero's end Table

This started out with me cashing in my Rosewood Club rebate $ at the Tempe locale with no plans in mind but to find a great piece of wood. And boy did I, a heavily figured piece of 4/4 Granadillo which became the top. The lower shelf and legs were made from scrap from previous jobs so all I had to pay for was the wood for the skirt - a piece of Granadillo with a birdseye pattern. Top to legs and legs to skirt use M&T joinery, top has lower edge beveled along the length, shelf along the width, legs tapered below shelf. Finished with 2 coats of Danish oil and measures 24"l x 17.5”w x 22”h. My first time working with Granadillo but definitely not my last. It can clog belts on surface sanders but mills well and quite clean so hand sanding isn’t extreme.

It made a great birthday present for my wife (and gets to stay in the house).

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