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How to Extend Your Tablesaw’s Crosscut Capacity

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Miter extension on a  table saw improves capacity and safety when cross cutting wide stock

Doesn’t it always just seem like when you go to cross cut a wide panel that your tablesaw is just an inch or two too short to make the job safe? It’s not a smart move to start a cut using the miter gauge with it not fully supported by the miter slot. Surely, though, we’ve all risked it when the work piece is so large that it forces the gauge  to hang off the table by just a bit.

But now there’s an effective solution you can whip together with some plywood cutoffs.

We just saw this solution to the problem in the September/October issue of Fine Woodworking, by a fella named Dan Sweeny. We liked it so much that we had to give it a try. The extension is built out of Baltic birch plywood. Take a close look. It straddles the tablesaw fence rail with two fixed cleats sized to hug the rail, and uses Rockler’s universal fence clamps to keep it in place. The plywood platform has a perfect dado sized to match the miter slot in the tablesaw, 3/4″x3/8″.

We can’t give you plans for this because the exact sizes depend on your tablesaw. But you can figure it out. Build yours to suit:

  • Extension top should be perfectly level with your tablesaw top
  • Cleats should hug your fence rail snugly
  • Standard miter gauge slot is 3/4″ wide and 3/8″ deep. Verify on your own saw first.

With this miter gauge extension in place, you can now safely use the miter gauge or a sled when your work piece is larger than the  space of the table in front of the blade.


Extension table built by Danny Lopez, Woodworkers Source Tucson store

Use Rockler’s Universal Fence Clamps on this miter gauge extension.

A Tradition of Excellence: Powermatic 66 Table Saw Retires

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
Beauty and Braun: The Powermatic Model 66 is not only a gorgeous saw but it performed at the top

Beauty and Braun: The Powermatic Model 66 is not only a gorgeous saw but it performed at the top

Back in 1966, Powermatic made huge leaps in table saw design with their Model 66 saw, and since then it’s become an iconic benchmark for all other cabinet style table saws.

This Made-In-The-USA saw ran smoother than any other table saw and would do so for decades without a hitch. Powermatic set the bar high with the no-nonsense cast iron and steel construction, exclusive 3VX belt drive system, an extra wide stable trunnion, and the tilting arbor on butter smooth worm gears driven by heavy cast iron wheels.  The mighty Model 66 was the heaviest saw in its class, which meant vibration free operation.  In turn, the saw became renowned for unmatched accuracy and dependability for over 40 years.

And it was also just a beautiful machine.  Woodworkers would invite their neighbors over for a barley pop while they stood around in the shop just admiring the size of this thing.  And the perfect gold painted cabinet.  They’d take turns looking at their reflection in the polished table top.  The real fanatics would turn it on and just watch it run for a minute, humming along without a single vibration. read more