Gluing up boards to make solid cabinet doors and table tops remains a necessary and time-consuming part of woodworking. And many woodworkers out there avoid glue-ups because of the machinery (or exhausting hand work) required to get a newly glued-up solid wood panel nice and flat. It takes a wide planer, wide sander, or unyielding …Read More

A Handy Mount for a Kreg Jig

Pocket hole joinery has been around a long time, but it was the Kreg Jig that made pocket holes quick and simple to do. Invented in the late 1980s by Craig Sommerfeld, the jig allows a woodworker of any skill level to build reliable, strong, and rapid square joints that hide the screws. From there, …Read More

One of the strangest things we do at Woodworkers Source is sell wood to individuals. Wait, what’s so strange about that? This: the hardwood lumber industry’s standard practices,  rules, and terminology were set up to govern a trade in which most often the smallest order fills a flatbed truck. It never made (much) consideration for …Read More

As a general rule, maintaining a magazine collection isn’t easy. First, there’s the space problem. Second, there’s the organization problem. Third, there’s always someone in the house who wants to throw an issue or two or more in the trash. And tossing just one does the damage to taint an otherwise perfect collection. Perhaps the …Read More

Since there’s a world-class luthiery school right in our hometown, Roberto-Venn, we tend to get word when there’s a particularly amazing custom guitar being built nearby. For that matter, it’s a rare occasion when there’s not at least one guitar maker pulling in part time work at one of our stores (and creaming the curly …Read More

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of shaping a piece of wood with a sharp gouge while it’s whirling along at 400 RPM. There’s also nothing like watching an experienced artist do it. For both of these reasons, you can come watch and talk to some members of the Arizona Woodturners Association as they demonstrate …Read More

Fresh Wood Student Woodworking Competition You’re going to love this. Though we all get to see immense amounts of manufactured  woodwork any day of the week, getting to admire hand-crafted, unique, inspiring projects  just doesn’t happen everyday.  It’s easy to forget just how much effort and time goes into a project when all you see …Read More

If there’s a reminder about craftsmanship in woodworking to be found in Roger Weinreber’s project, it’s this:  attentive execution in a classic furniture design goes a long way. Roger entered his mission-style piece in the Excellence in Woodworking contest that was hosted by the Arizona Association of Fine Woodworkers earlier this month. His cabinet didn’t …Read More

Who doesn’t enjoy handmade arts and crafts?  Not only do they make excellent gifts, but buying them supports the artists and brings special uniqueness to your home. On Saturday December 11, Arizona’s finest woodworkers will be displaying and selling their awesome projects and talking about their craftsmanship — from items as small as turned wood …Read More

One thing that never gets old is clicking through all the projects at  I took it upon myself to seek out mahogany projects – after all, we just landed a whole truckload of the wood.  Here’s what I found, I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.  Click on a picture to …Read More

Think of it like a weekend car show, but hand crafted woodwork in place of the hot rods. That’s what we’re hosting every Saturday starting September 11, 2010, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at all three Woodworkers Source stores. Arizona’s finest woodworkers will be displaying their awesome projects and talking about their craftsmanship — …Read More

8 Reasons Why Bubinga Is Awesome

Let’s just say you and I are walking in a forest in Cameroon, a smallish country in Central Africa that’s roughly the size of California. Walking in the forest of Cameroon is no ordinary experience. It’s home to several endangered primates, and a mind-blowing number of tropical birds. The air here is thick and humid …Read More

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