It’s easy to love sapele lumber, especially for furniture and cabinetry. The wood is well-mannered when it comes to machining and working it with hand tools, making it a pleasure to use in woodworking projects. But it’s also downright beautiful with flowing ribbons of stripy figure trailing from end to end of the boards. Plus, …Read More

As a general rule, maintaining a magazine collection isn’t easy. First, there’s the space problem. Second, there’s the organization problem. Third, there’s always someone in the house who wants to throw an issue or two or more in the trash. And tossing just one does the damage to taint an otherwise perfect collection. Perhaps the …Read More

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of shaping a piece of wood with a sharp gouge while it’s whirling along at 400 RPM. There’s also nothing like watching an experienced artist do it. For both of these reasons, you can come watch and talk to some members of the Arizona Woodturners Association as they demonstrate …Read More

One of the big benefits to joining our Rosewood Club (more here) is getting to come to some free invite-only woodworking demos and seminars. So, if you’re a Rosewood Club member we have a really neat seminar for you.  Check this out. In June, we’re providing 3 free demo nights at our shop called Getting …Read More

Every quarter, we issue rebate credits in multiples of $50  and/or free shipping coupons to customers who have accumulated $1000 (or more) in purchases with us. We issue these four times throughout the year: early in January, April, July, and October. Local customers: Getting a rebate credit is just one of the several reasons to …Read More

Here’s a hardwood you really don’t want to miss: Sapele Take a look: That’s the real stuff.  You can see that it shares a likeness with mahogany, but still has a personality all of its own. Sapele comes from massive trees of 150 feet tall, and over 4 feet in diameter.  To make it better, …Read More

Think of it like a weekend car show, but hand crafted woodwork in place of the hot rods. That’s what we’re hosting every Saturday starting September 11, 2010, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at all three Woodworkers Source stores. Arizona’s finest woodworkers will be displaying their awesome projects and talking about their craftsmanship — …Read More

I doubt you need any form of begging or persuading from me to understand that one moment spent looking at a perfect board of rosewood will put your personal woodworking goals into a tailspin. Oh right, you thought you were going to build that cabinet out of hard maple?  Hickory?  Just one moment with a …Read More

We want to see your woodworking projects! So here’s the deal for you: we’ll give you a little spending cash to Woodworkers Source if you’d be so kind as to upload and share a picture or two of one of your woodworking projects. It’s Easy to Do: Woodworkers Source Project Gallery Go to the Woodworkers …Read More

It was 1937 in India when George Nakashima built his first wood furniture.  He’d been trained in architecture and worked under an American architect Antonin Raymond for several years. Nakashima moved to Seattle in 1940 and taught woodworking for a short period until he was sent to Camp Minidoka, a World War II Japanese interment …Read More

In 1999 Keith, the owner of Woodworkers Source, went to Paraguay to visit a sustainable yield lumber project.  He came back with a container load of unusual woods following shortly after. When we bring in unusual woods, it’s often with a bit of stand-back-and-wait because even though we’ve seen a sample piece (or maybe not …Read More

I have a suspicion you may have been eyeballing some exotic, pretty woods but you just weren’t sure if you were ready. Or maybe you thought they were out of your budget. Well, no longer. Throughout the month of October, consider yourself out of excuses.

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