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Dog and cat feeding station

First real project that wasn't a cheap pine shelf. We adopted a new puppy and wanted a way he wouldn't be able to eat the cats food. After mich searching nothing came up.

The entire project is made of poplar. The legs were already 10/4 to start. The legs taper on both inside faces. The upper rails are mortise and tenon. The long front is a deep drawer. The bottom rails were pocket screwed due to time limits and a knee surgery I had scheduled.

The top cat food piece is slid into dados. Figure 8 table top fasteners used for both larger dark stained pieces. This was my first use of a yard sale HVLP gun. I set it up with a low pressure regulator and an air/oil filter. Practiced adjusting on some cardboard until I was happy. 4 coats of white paint diluted with some distilled water about 16:1.

Finished two days before surgery and overall happy.

Finish: 2 coats of Ebony minwax water based, wiped on and off. 3 coats of water based rattle can poly semi gloss. White is a Behr ultra scuff defense interior satin enamel in ultra pure white, 4 coats sprayed.

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