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Elm Table

First I want to start off and say that I hate epoxy tables. A friend of mine tried to do a live edge table and screwed it to some 4x4’s threw some lacquer on three sides. It was still green and then nature set in and warped it (see bottom pictures). He was going to throw the slab away but I told him I would fix it. I had never done a resin pour before because I do not like epoxy tables. The table was originally 6 feet so is cut it down to 48 inches then flattened it with a router sled. I built a mold and poured epoxy. Of course the mold release didn't work or I used it wrong. I probably used it wrong. I had to mill the mold off of the table because they had become one. I probably will not do another epoxy table again but after trying one I definitely gained some respect for the guys that do it all the time. It’s a ton of work.

Finish: Danish Oil

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