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Wire hair Foxterrier

I found a picture of my first dog Domino and had some leftover wood in the box. I decided to build a memorial for him. I enlarged the photo to almost the original size of the dog. Cut the print into pieces according to the color (wished I had found a wood whiter than Maple) because what looks like ivory, supposed to be white. Transferred the pieces to the wood, cut, sanded, scraped to make the pieces fit as well as possible. I used a round-over bit to soften the edges. Sanded the face of the wood to 180 grid, glued all together. I cut out inlays for eye and nose and glued glass halves in. Waited a day and sanded to final 240 grid, oiled and waxed. I cut a piece of 3/4" plywood to size 20 x 24", routed a 1/4" groove around, and fastened the dog figure to it with two screws. Picture hooks and wire finished the project and my first dog Domino hangs now over my desk and reminds me of the fun we had together.

Finish: Mineral oil, Beeswax

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