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Spinning wheel benches

These benches are designed to be low and a bit wide, 14x18, and 14 high, to be used while operating a spinning wheel, which they match. I made them in 3 flavors, walnut, sapele and granadillo, to match spinning wheels made of the same hardwoods. The edges of the bench tops have the same grooving that the spinning wheel flywheel has. There are 4 turned legs and 3 interlocking stretchers. The tricky part is making the legs all the same size (!) and drilling the compound-angle holes into the bench and legs. Recalling your high school trig really helps with the calculations! Finishing the legs and top prior to assembly simplifies construction in that only slight touch-ups are needed. The glued surfaces are protected by blue painters tape. Squeezing the legs and stretchers together while the Titebond II was drying was achieved by using bungee cords and not clamps (which would mar the finish). The assembled table was then allowed to dry on a very flat workbench right side up, which helped keeping the final result level.

Finish: Polyurethane

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