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Butler Tray Table

This butler tray table was taken from an old Ethan Allen catalog with dimensions and pictures from 1974. It is 100% sapele other than (the brass hinges and screws). To accentuate the contrast between pieces, the 4 center rectangles were stained with a red mahogany stain, the borders with a darker walnut stain. The center table pieces are assembled with glue joints since the pieces interlock and the tops are different sizes from the bottoms. That was a bit tricky. The hard part is always the finishing, not just the hinges! Other than the areas directly under the center of the table, all surfaces had to be finished smoothly and flawlessly. When working on one side, its underneath would be touching its supports and be subjected to drips, marks, etc. Eventually, I got it. I made 2 of these.

Finish: Polyurethane gloss

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