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Live Edge Walnut Log Cookie Table

Getting the drying process dialed in for "log cookies" is a bit of a mystical artform. As such, some of the pieces will crack beyond recognition or fall apart. This one deteriorated into a handy Pac Man shape, but it was nothinig that a little glue wouln't fix.

I tried my hand at tinting some epoxy totally white to fill in the cracks, and that part looks really cool in contrast with the darker walnut color. Admittedly, I got carried away with it and tried to add some purple during the final pour session, and it didn't come out the way I wanted it to.

☹️ ☹️ ☹️

You live, you learn. Speaking of that, my daughter learned to drill pilot holes and pop in wood screws to attach the steel hairpin legs. So we all got something out of this project.

I chose aerosol lacquer for the topcoat since that seemed like the simplest way to ensure I got a good coating into the nooks and crannies of the bark.

Finish: One coat of tung oil, clear dewaxed shellac and Deft spray lacquer

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